John Engblom, Sous Chef, Philadelphia, PA

Chuck Paoli, Professional Painter, Media, PA.

"Great tool on our painting jobs, saves my guys a lot of time."

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John Engblom, Sous Chef, Philadelphia, PA

John Engblom, Sous Chef, Philadelphia, PA

"I put on my apron, then my Towelster. My side towel is always quick at hand... "

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Marie Greismeyer, Home Cook, Reno, NV

Marie Greismeyer, Home Cook, Reno, NV

"My favorite kitchen gadget. Why didn't I think of this? Was this on Shark Tank?"

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What is it?
The Towelster is a belt mounted device which will instantly grab and hold any type of cloth towel. It is the world’s only patented professional cloth towel holder.

What’s it made of?
It’s made of a durable, semi-soft urethane plastic. It is completely child save.

How does it work?
Place the Towelster on your belt; left or right. Places the center of a cloth towel over a raised index finger, and grasp the towel. Insert the finger and towel into the Towelster. Rotate the finger towards the hip and withdraw the finger. The Towelster will firmly and securely hold the towel ready for its next use. This takes about 1 second. This can easily be done without looking at the Towelster. To retrieve the towel, pull down and away.



High performance polymer body

Heavy duty stainless steel belt clip

Patented one piece design

Works left or right side

Top rack dishwasher safe

Safe child proof engineering

Elegant stylish design

Comfortable and easy to use


Instantly holds towel securely at user’s side

Releases towel instantly

Holds any type of cloth towel, wet or dry

FDA approved

Totally intuitive – works without looking

Holds kitchen tongs too

One year manufacturers guarantee

The solution to side towel management